2018/06/12 - new release :)


"Trip City Revisited"


Prepare to cast your Astrol self afloat on the Waters of oblivion!

This improvised collection of collective improvisations was recorded on the same day at the same studio with the same engineer as Astrol Waters' debut.

This sequel, however, was mixed in the Quantum Cathouse by 5-Track, under the influence of legal weed & a book on electronic dance music. Suppose Schrodinger checked his box at a different moment & found... kangaroos? the antipodes of the mind? Huxley's ghost? Or Huxley-Anne's bees?

The annals of physics fail to record that Schrodinger & his assistants in fact found a copy of this very recording, swept back through time on the tides of improbability, to land by chance in his theoretical experiment.

(But... what if you're the cat?)

2018/04/07 - new release! new artist!


"Blended Metal"


David Aguila & Ethan Marks have twisted reality.

Sound, after all, being more than just a metaphor.

Have you the nerve to cut your self apart & reassemble you?

Listen. These two did it. So can you do it, too.

02/09/2018 - Happy 2018! Have some improv!


Nothing To See Here


GORPLORD’s third release, Nothing To See Here, includes two improvisations. & that’s it. Both were recorded in March 2017 in Brooklyn NY Earth, then mixed in Colorado for an infusion of fresh air.

The first piece was almost (& then indeed was) named: “Acres of Luxuries, Acres of Excrement”. The title comes from a quote from Ursula Le Guin—“Everything was already useless to begin with or ornamented as to disguise its use; acres of luxuries, acres of excrement.” It was performed immediately after an audio interface caught on fire as the band set up to record. *To the surprise of everyone involved, the astounding Ms. Le Guin died just as we were preparing to release this album featuring both "Acres" plus a quote from her work ensconced in the album art. I hope someone is taking care of her cat, Pard.

Track 2, “Aspens1”, was performed while GORPLORD visualized leaves fluttering in the wind. (Cos all we are, Dude, is leaves fluttering in the wind... Leaves, wind, Dude!)

Once again this GORPLORD release includes trumpet from the most excellent Michael Beggs; otherwise the band includes Evan Strauss (electric bass), Nate Repasz (drums), Jesse Fried (keyboard) & Andrew Frank (guitar).

It is worth mentioning that the cover art for Nothing To See Herefeatures compost.

11/03/2017 - new release :)




Weirdo guitar rock with 5-Track, Marc Cantlin II, Sheridan Riley, guest bass & vocal by Mia Katherine Boyle, guest voice-overing by zlicious. Recorded & almost entirely mixed in a day by Jack Endino at Soundhouse of Ballard.

zlicious says:
"It sounds like a furry triceratops."

5-Track says:
"Healthy Kittens is the finally-came-together in a series of twenty-five years of living at the moment. Balancing the phrases of our may-exist with favorite pieces of a much larger animal.

"It's an improv record in one sense... About half the tracks came from rolling dice or picking cards.

"Themes can present an item. We ended up planning for them. Weirdness might be its prequel. It would be impossible, not to mention pointless, to express all of our influences in one piece of work. But also then translating the Holy Crone.

"Healthy Kittens is characterized by the way it was composed & by the people involved. Sheridan Riley on the drums - nothing more has to be said, she's incredible. She can deliver on the spot whatever unsanitary weirdnesses might be required. Jack Endino made it possible for this music to sound & feel as it does. He gave our music something to skritch against, & in the process it became a much larger animal.

"The resulting numbers were cutups from musical information. A novel of how things work in the Universe. Jamming on our sense of sight is also a teacup. The rainbow material was for that bridge."

08/06/2017 - new release :) 




These three songs (& a few fun covers) were recorded in the basement of Widdershins House, Maple Leaf, Seattle, in June of 2014. Sheridan Riley played the drums, 5-Track played the guitar & sang. Ian McKagan set up the mics & ran the multitracklaptop rig. 

Gradually but gradually, 5-Track selected three takes, made minor edits, rerecorded sombunall vocals, added additional guitars & bass & maybe other things, mixed, mastered, designed artwork, & three years later here you go. These things take time.

Take it out to lunch, that is.

Includes a whimsical love poem ("Albright & Kalm"), a sociopolitical tirade ("Snowjob", for Edward), & an elegy ("Glass Bottom Guitar", for Lou).

It came out beautiful. Enjoy!



The following albums will henceforth be available for purchase only by request. If you'd like one, hit us up by email: at cosmicprimitive @ cosmicprimitive dot com... then await instructions. $5 per each.

• Guy On A Couch - "Fruit Salad Mellow" ... ambient strangenesses from Frankie Bump

• Magnetic Circus - "Evolution Of Acrobatics" ... improv album by Seattle rock trio

• John Norwood - "Tennessee Sushi" .... good-humored Echo Park country-rock




07/02/2017 - new release :)


GORPLORD & Micheal Beggs


What's to be said about GORPLORD that hasn't been said already a thousand times before?


GORPLORD is a NYC-based band 'led' by bassist Evan Strauss. Their music is, so nearly as anyone can discern, entirely improvisational. Their influences approximate the present moment. Featuring the strong;y unenfolding keys of Jesse Fried & the ever-rotational percussivation of Nate Repasz—& on this recording the elk-lost-in-a-dust-storm trumpet stylings of the inimitable Michael Beggs.

GORPLORD is taking the storm by country, NYC first on the shopping block. Get yours while they blast!

2/24/2017 - new release :)




Here's some excellent groovy improv (acid-rap? they've called it that) from Seattle's own ASTROL WATERS.

Ty "Keenen Magik" Berry leads the group through subterranean spelunkiness with spontaneous poetrymotion. His Very Brandon Herzberg-ion sets an ambient sparkle of holy flat-string SG. 5-Track pierces the eye of the sky on the sharp end of still six more strings even. Andrew Woods basses the bass in this case, & James Patrick Lenon drums the drums. Both are pure fantasy. You're gone & you haven't yet arrived.

01/30/2017 - new release :)




This is the FINAL ALBUM from the amazing GLOWPEOPLE. Sad, but true.

This is the FIRST LIVE ALBUM from the amazing GLOWPEOPLE. Rejoice!

Each of their excellent studio albums—THINGS, HAPPEN, FOREVER UNTIL...—delved deeper ever deeper into the psychic celestial murk that is & was Glowpeople's loveliness.

PLAYTIME, on the other hand, adds a new layer of frosting to this dosed cake. Frisky, adventurous, pushing time, riding the ragged edge of disaster, tinkering forever with chance. An exquisite first/last look at a fresh perspective on a terrific band doing what they do best: playing.

12/21/2016 - new release :)




At long last, the debut full-length studio recording from MORNING GLORY REVIVAL!

This self-titled CD was recorded by Jack Endino at Seattle's exquisite Soundhouse in Ballard. It sounds & feels like the Seattle you remember.

Morning Glory Revival is not a grunge band or a freejazz band. They play rocknroll in a classic 70s style, with the addition of 20-something indie-rock awareness.

Led by co-singer/songwriter/lead-guitarists Woody Frank & Ian McKagan, MGR has been melting minds at house parties & Seattle venues for five years now, but it's hard to believe it hasn't been twice that long.

10/06/2016 - new release!


"second slearp"


MORE acoustic guitar breath music. Just the exhales this time.

User feedback suggests this one's better for meditation than actual sleep. But I don't know, I like it. The soundtrack to your bodhisattvation.


08/08/2016 - new release :)


"Forever, Until"


 "...different - a moody little so-and-so but one that still finds room for the happy gene ingredients of slacker reggae and elasticated rhythms suggestive of light jazz in among some very dense beats indeed.  The loping skank of ‘Forever’ sounds like it’s brushed up against some particularly strong and sticky skunk plants...  Quirky little devil this one...  Another one for the heads more than the bodies. 

"Ambient dubscapes, sir? Don’t mind if I do. Pass the album cover to the left hand side and all that. A soundtrack to your lazy summer nights." ~ Ian Fraser, Terrascope Online

06/21/2016 - new release!  happy solstice!


"The Invisible Planet"


The Walking Faces - The Invisible Planet


rocknroll bardo from The Walking Faces of Seattle, WA

On the planet of the blind, the one-eyed man is invisible


"A tree grows beside a great road. Centuries pass, to be followed one day by two smiling children who lead a bright, spoon-colored bird, upon whose twinkling and satiny foot vast congeries of faces are painted." ~ Kenneth Patchen, Aflame & Afun With Walking Faces

"The Walking Faces [is] a two piece combo featuring 5-Track (guitarbass, vocs) and Patrick Lenon (drums)...  Angular guitar riffs and melodic vocal lines jostle for position, the music inventive and engaging..."
~ Terrascopic Rumbles

"There should be an illustration of 5-Track next to the word 'guitarist' in the dictionary!" ~ Drew Denny (L.A. Record)

The Invisible Planet slipped through from another world bearing fables of floods & fire-rats & endless highways & birth & death & alien abduction & fortune telling gone awry.  Use it to melt your self down til the Heart Of Gold lands & normality is restored.  Whatever that turns out to be anyway.  Recorded by Mark Wheaton & 5-Track in Echo Park, CA, & mastered in Seattle by Jack Endino (Groundhogs, Grannies, No WTO Combo, Kultur Shock).

The Walking Faces wants you to dance while your head explodes.

Best known for psychedelic guitar improv excursions, 5-Track also plays bass with Peg & MKB Ultra, guitar with Glass Goblins and the Argan Band, & has worked with Amanda Jo Williams & a bazillion other folks in between releasing his own collections of improvs/rocknroll songs/all-the-above.

Patrick Lenon has released several cassettes of instrumental grooves & has drummed for Ghanian xylophonist SK Kakraba & for Seattle's Moroccan/CosmicAmerican Argan Band (among other musically-globe-spanning projects).


04/23/2016 - new release!


"Live Nudes"


Electric porch jams have traveled in time from 1999.

Includes bonus remix disc, Nude Lives.

01/10/2016 - new release!




Acoustic guitar breath music.

The soundtrack to your nap.


may you find happiness and the root of all happiness,
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