08/08/2016 - new release :)


"Forever, Until"


 "...different - a moody little so-and-so but one that still finds room for the happy gene ingredients of slacker reggae and elasticated rhythms suggestive of light jazz in among some very dense beats indeed.  The loping skank of ‘Forever’ sounds like it’s brushed up against some particularly strong and sticky skunk plants...  Quirky little devil this one...  Another one for the heads more than the bodies. 

"Ambient dubscapes, sir? Don’t mind if I do. Pass the album cover to the left hand side and all that. A soundtrack to your lazy summer nights." ~ Ian Fraser, Terrascope Online

06/21/2016 - new release!  happy solstice!


"The Invisible Planet"


The Walking Faces - The Invisible Planet


rocknroll bardo from The Walking Faces of Seattle, WA

On the planet of the blind, the one-eyed man is invisible


"A tree grows beside a great road. Centuries pass, to be followed one day by two smiling children who lead a bright, spoon-colored bird, upon whose twinkling and satiny foot vast congeries of faces are painted." ~ Kenneth Patchen, Aflame & Afun With Walking Faces

"The Walking Faces [is] a two piece combo featuring 5-Track (guitarbass, vocs) and Patrick Lenon (drums)...  Angular guitar riffs and melodic vocal lines jostle for position, the music inventive and engaging..."
~ Terrascopic Rumbles

"There should be an illustration of 5-Track next to the word 'guitarist' in the dictionary!" ~ Drew Denny (L.A. Record)

The Invisible Planet slipped through from another world bearing fables of floods & fire-rats & endless highways & birth & death & alien abduction & fortune telling gone awry.  Use it to melt your self down til the Heart Of Gold lands & normality is restored.  Whatever that turns out to be anyway.  Recorded by Mark Wheaton & 5-Track in Echo Park, CA, & mastered in Seattle by Jack Endino (Groundhogs, Grannies, No WTO Combo, Kultur Shock).

The Walking Faces wants you to dance while your head explodes.

Best known for psychedelic guitar improv excursions, 5-Track also plays bass with Peg & MKB Ultra, guitar with Glass Goblins and the Argan Band, & has worked with Amanda Jo Williams & a bazillion other folks in between releasing his own collections of improvs/rocknroll songs/all-the-above.

Patrick Lenon has released several cassettes of instrumental grooves & has drummed for Ghanian xylophonist SK Kakraba & for Seattle's Moroccan/CosmicAmerican Argan Band (among other musically-globe-spanning projects).


04/23/2016 - new release!


"Live Nudes"


Electric porch jams have traveled in time from 1999.

Includes bonus remix disc, Nude Lives.

01/10/2016 - new release!




Acoustic guitar breath music.

The soundtrack to your nap.

12/26/2015 - new release!


"The Final Funktier"


Groover is the freakchild creation of many hours of improvised grooving by Evan Strauss & Steve Sirockin.

"The Final Funktier" was recorded in the wake of the YSAM CD*, at 7,200 feet elevation. It features Colorado musicians and singers from outer space. 

*“You Can Get There From Here / You Can Never Go Home” by Yggdrasil In The Skunk-Ape Moment ... ysam.bandcamp.com/album/you-can-get-there-from-here-you-can-never-go-home-double-album

11/22/2015 - new release!


marc cantlin ii
"the writing is on the wall"


A surprise single from our erstwhile co-founder.  Dance-shred psycho spectacular.  Just in time for Thanksgiving!

11/01/2015 - new release!


Evan Strauss & Tyler May
"The Projections Of The Bardo Of Dharmatā"


for bass & banjo.

"Although the projections of the bardo of dharmatā appeared until yesterday, you did not recognize them, so you had to wander here. Now, if you are able to meditate undistractably, rest in the pure, naked mind, luminosity-emptiness, which your guru has shown you, relaxed in a state of non-grasping and non-action. You will obtain liberation and not enter a womb."

5/21/2015 - new release!


Evan Strauss & Tyler May


We have here a freshly minty collection of country-folk-bluegrass-blues in somewhat lowish fidelity, compositions for acoustic guitar & voice (Evan Strauss) supplemented by the genuinely rustic banjo, fiddle & harmonica of Tyler May.  It’s The Hailey Idaho Blues.

It’s a hymn to the sunset, the perfect subliminal closer to the perfect summer day, a meditative soundtrack for just sittin & watchin the trees dance in slomo.

"It sounds like a derailed train with indigestion.” - Albums-On-The-Hill, Boulder CO

Evan Strauss is otherwise known as “The Jimi Hendrix of freebass” (quoth Ian McKagan), genius composer of avant freedoom, & has released several albums of songs, singing, & improvised low-end perversities.

In addition to Evan’s original songs, The Hailey Idaho Blues includes a spellcasting cover of 5-Track’s “Speaking Through You” & a romp through Paul Johnson (The Bond [of Seattle])’s "Bittersong".

4/1/2015 - new release! April Fool!




Being the most recent in a series of collaborations between electric guitarists Marc Cantlin II and 5-Track.  Previous entries in this series include DUST STORMS may exist and GUSTY WINDS may exist.  BAD SPOONS is the least composedest & the mostestest improvisediest of the three.

Like GUSTY WINDS, BAD SPOONS was recorded in Seattle, giving it a moist & liquid vibe in sonctrast to the dry heat of DUST STORMS.  Both WINDS & STORMS were recorded in studios, but BAD SPOONS was recorded in a living room.  Perhaps most importantly, each previous record began with a semi-composed conceptual framework.  This one is wide open.  Make of it what you will.

Besides Marc & 5-Track, BAD SPOONS features Andrew Woods (Neon Brown, WEGO, solo artist) on bass & occasional guitar.


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