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Cosmic Primitive — an interdependent music label, for interdependent music. Chaos & gnarl. Signpost to otherness. To retreat into absurdity is only to further the aims of western civilization. Based in Seattle, Washington, while we can.


"Any musical innovation is dangerous to the whole state, and ought to be prohibited." ~ Plato


Cosmic Primitive has been coaxed into existence by 5-Track & Marc Cantlin II. Evan Strauss sitting in on a&r.


You can reach any of us here, in the zone between predictability & randomness: contact@cosmicprimitive.com


gnarl: "in the zone between predictability and randomness"


Wanna set up a show with someone on Cosmic Primitive?

Then you need to talk to John @ THIS email address :: cosmicprimitivebooking@gmail.com



oh, we're on some things:

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Serve and enjoy,
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