5-Track is a human called John 5 Philpin.  He plays the guitar and the bass, and the guitarbass, and he writes songs and he sings.  He plays and records with The Walking Faces, and also with Sheridan Riley's Peg and John Leighton Beezer's KLAU, and also with Amanda Jo Williams' Southern California Family Band and also on his own... y'know, for 'fun'.


“5-Track warbles sweeter than lost’n’lonely Neil Young during ON THE BEACH, almost as self-satirizing as the very Reverend Roky Erickson and ... appears intent on insinuating himself into our consciousnesses as a 21st century artist of the United States’ next phase...”
Julian Cope


"Unabashedly Hendrix-inspired guitar parts... the kind of pre-country-rock-based hippie jams that inspired all the bands that the bands we listen to now listened to when they formed their bands... Not since Marc Bolan has a flower child of this magnitude said, ‘Fuck it, I’m going to take the shimmering diamond tears from beneath the eye of a unicorn and rip a hole in your ASS with it!' "D. M. Collins, L. A. Record


"There should be an illustration of 5-track next to the word 'guitarist’ in the dictionary! His luscious bush of hair, his chillaxed grin, his gnarly licks, and his all around good vibes makes him an absolute pleasure to listen to and watch."
Drew Denny, L. A. Record

"It's like he's feeding you his brain waves through his fingers."
anonymous Seattleite


5-Track lives in Seattle, WA, Cascadia, USA, Earth.  He grew up in Vermont, moved to Seattle in 2001, then moved to Los Angeles in 2007 (for the best of reasons).  He returned to Seattle in the fall of 2014.  His interests include dowsing, reiki, chaos, healing, language, love, legal weed & cats.  Also music.

5's most recent music is a collection of homemade experiments in obsessive overdubbery, forged in the unreasonable heat of Los Angeles late summer, called "Electrostagmalites & Leafy Transmissions".

Prior to that he made a CD with The Walking Faces, which is 5-Track (guitarbass & singing) and Patrick Lenon (drums). That CD, Catastrophic Molt, came out on Friday September 13, 2013.  Here is a video for 'Turnaround' from Catastrophic Molt.

Other recent recordings include:  DUST STORMS may exist, an instrumental maelstrom with Marc Cantlin II and The Walking Faces; FLOATING OTHERS (duets), a collection of improvised music based on words, ideas, and objects; extremely psychedelic improvs on the debut of Chocolate Covered Fungus and GROW IN SHIT OR GO BLIND by John Leighton Beezer & Chocolate Covered Fungus; Glass Goblins on 3 MOMENTS TIL DAWN, a split single with Marc Cantlin II for Cosmic Primitive's Binary Stars series, in June of 2011. In spring of 2012 he played bass on Dead Dawn's I HEART L.A. downloadable-ep (and travelled to the Northwest with them in the fall). In June of 2012 he appeared on Amanda Jo WIlliams' THE BEAR EATS ME on Neurotic Yell Records, and in 2013 he played all guitars and basses on the follow-up You're The Father Of My Songs. In September of 2012 he toured the Northwest with GLASS GOBLINS and in fall 2013 with The Walking Faces.

In 2014 The Walking Faces toured their winding way from Los Angeles to Austin, playing dates in Phoenix, Santa Fe, Amarillo, Marfa, Austin, and also the inaugural Spring Hollow Concert Series on a beautiful piece of land outside of Austin.  SHCS took place in a yurt beside a deep and swimmable creek and included music from The Dial Tones, Julia Lucille, Teddy Long & Catholic Guilt, Nick Drozdowicz and others.  Shortly after those dates, The Walking Faces made their way to Sacramento and Berkeley, CA.  Many of those shows may be heard as mp3s at archive.org :: The Walking Faces

Here are tour photos from the 2014 Austin run.


official website (including tour dates): www.5-Track.com

many current releases available for download: http://digitalmuse.5-track.com/