5-Track plays the guitar and the bass, and the guitarbass, and he writes songs and he sings. Mostly he plays and records with The Walking Faces, and also with Sheridan Riley's Peg and with Amanda Jo Williams.

The Walking Faces is just 5-Track (guitarbass & singing) and Patrick Lenon (drums) but they sound like a few more people than that. Their first CD, Catastrophic Molt, came out on Friday September 13, 2013.

5-Track's most recent releases are the Glass Goblins' DOME single; DUST STORMS may exist, an instrumental maelstrom with Marc Cantlin II and The Walking Faces; FLOATING OTHERS (duets), a collection of improvised music based on words, ideas, and object; extremely psychedelic improvs on the debut of Chocolate Covered Fungus and GROW IN SHIT OR GO BLIND by John Leighton Beezer & Chocolate Covered Fungus; and "Aphid Tea", the b-side of a Binary Star split single with Andrew Woods. Prior to that, he appeared with Glass Goblins on 3 MOMENTS TIL DAWN, a split single with Marc Cantlin II for Cosmic Primitive's Binary Stars series, in June of 2011. In spring of 2012 he played bass on Dead Dawn's I HEART L.A. downloadable-ep (and travelled to the Northwest with them in the fall). In June of 2012 he appeared on Amanda Jo WIlliams' THE BEAR EATS ME on Neurotic Yell Records, and in 2013 he played all guitars and basses on the follow-up You're The Father Of My Songs. In September of 2012 he toured the Northwest with GLASS GOBLINS and in fall 2013 with The Walking Faces.

You can hear the live evidence as free downloads (these include solo recordings as well as work with The Walking FacesGlass Goblins, Snoose Junction, Bruce and Neon Brown Presents).


official website (including tour dates): www.5-Track.com

many current releases available for download: http://digitalmuse.5-track.com/