Glowpeople (of Shropshire, UK) began as a loose collective in the Summer of 2010, with the musicians coming from a wide array of musical backgrounds and geographical catchment spread about the West Midlands and Wales. As is typical of this sparsely populated area out in the sticks, they found each other more by chance than design.

Glowpeople are primarily an instrumental band, and frequently an improvisational one. Each player contributes in equal share to this eclectic playground of colourful moods and sounds. All have plenty of past musical adventures and experiences to draw upon. Each member brings fresh and new influences and attitudes to this Glowing eclectic mish-mash of psychedelically jazzy dubfunk.

Glowpeople is continually introducing fresh new pieces on which to extemporize. The ideas come thick and fast. Some pieces take form from scratch, on stage before the audience or alone in the rehearsal space with the lights low & the microphones turned on, tuned in, and Glowing.


Chris Hill: Trumpet
Chris Cordwell: Keyboards, Bleeps & Loops
Nick Raybould: Drums & Percussion
Robot: Bass Guitar


official website:

glowpeople things coverGlowpeople: "Things"

glowpeople happenGlowpeople: "Happen"