Zoomsquad is a basement-band, four stars that collided and bounced off each other a few times in a dank and subterranean environment, not far from the freeway but out of sight and out of their minds. They stepped out of the pages of an imaginary comic book, exploded and spun around and stepped back in. It cannot be honestly stated that they left no trace of their passage.

Chief Shamanic Zoom Archivist Zackery has (re)assembled "Recursions In Quasi-Reality", the first collection of Zoomsquad's stigmatic fewmets, for your perusal and edification: http://cosmicdigital.cosmicprimitive.com/album/recursions-in-quasi-reality


more zackery: http://zackery.bandcamp.com & http://magneticcircus.bandcamp.com ... and also here: http://cosmicdigital.cosmicprimitive.com/album/evolution-of-acrobatics

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