01/30/2017 - new release :)




This is the FINAL ALBUM from the amazing GLOWPEOPLE. Sad, but true.

This is the FIRST LIVE ALBUM from the amazing GLOWPEOPLE. Rejoice!

Each of their excellent studio albums—THINGS, HAPPEN, FOREVER UNTIL...—delved deeper ever deeper into the psychic celestial murk that is & was Glowpeople's loveliness.

PLAYTIME, on the other hand, adds a new layer of frosting to this dosed cake. Frisky, adventurous, pushing time, riding the ragged edge of disaster, tinkering forever with chance. An exquisite first/last look at a fresh perspective on a terrific band doing what they do best: playing.

12/21/2016 - new release :)




At long last, the debut full-length studio recording from MORNING GLORY REVIVAL!

This self-titled CD was recorded by Jack Endino at Seattle's exquisite Soundhouse in Ballard. It sounds & feels like the Seattle you remember.

Morning Glory Revival is not a grunge band or a freejazz band. They play rocknroll in a classic 70s style, with the addition of 20-something indie-rock awareness.

Led by co-singer/songwriter/lead-guitarists Woody Frank & Ian McKagan, MGR has been melting minds at house parties & Seattle venues for five years now, but it's hard to believe it hasn't been twice that long.

10/06/2016 - new release!


"second slearp"


MORE acoustic guitar breath music. Just the exhales this time.

User feedback suggests this one's better for meditation than actual sleep. But I don't know, I like it. The soundtrack to your bodhisattvation.


08/08/2016 - new release :)


"Forever, Until"


 "...different - a moody little so-and-so but one that still finds room for the happy gene ingredients of slacker reggae and elasticated rhythms suggestive of light jazz in among some very dense beats indeed.  The loping skank of ‘Forever’ sounds like it’s brushed up against some particularly strong and sticky skunk plants...  Quirky little devil this one...  Another one for the heads more than the bodies. 

"Ambient dubscapes, sir? Don’t mind if I do. Pass the album cover to the left hand side and all that. A soundtrack to your lazy summer nights." ~ Ian Fraser, Terrascope Online

06/21/2016 - new release!  happy solstice!


"The Invisible Planet"


The Walking Faces - The Invisible Planet


rocknroll bardo from The Walking Faces of Seattle, WA

On the planet of the blind, the one-eyed man is invisible


"A tree grows beside a great road. Centuries pass, to be followed one day by two smiling children who lead a bright, spoon-colored bird, upon whose twinkling and satiny foot vast congeries of faces are painted." ~ Kenneth Patchen, Aflame & Afun With Walking Faces

"The Walking Faces [is] a two piece combo featuring 5-Track (guitarbass, vocs) and Patrick Lenon (drums)...  Angular guitar riffs and melodic vocal lines jostle for position, the music inventive and engaging..."
~ Terrascopic Rumbles

"There should be an illustration of 5-Track next to the word 'guitarist' in the dictionary!" ~ Drew Denny (L.A. Record)

The Invisible Planet slipped through from another world bearing fables of floods & fire-rats & endless highways & birth & death & alien abduction & fortune telling gone awry.  Use it to melt your self down til the Heart Of Gold lands & normality is restored.  Whatever that turns out to be anyway.  Recorded by Mark Wheaton & 5-Track in Echo Park, CA, & mastered in Seattle by Jack Endino (Groundhogs, Grannies, No WTO Combo, Kultur Shock).

The Walking Faces wants you to dance while your head explodes.

Best known for psychedelic guitar improv excursions, 5-Track also plays bass with Peg & MKB Ultra, guitar with Glass Goblins and the Argan Band, & has worked with Amanda Jo Williams & a bazillion other folks in between releasing his own collections of improvs/rocknroll songs/all-the-above.

Patrick Lenon has released several cassettes of instrumental grooves & has drummed for Ghanian xylophonist SK Kakraba & for Seattle's Moroccan/CosmicAmerican Argan Band (among other musically-globe-spanning projects).


04/23/2016 - new release!


"Live Nudes"


Electric porch jams have traveled in time from 1999.

Includes bonus remix disc, Nude Lives.

01/10/2016 - new release!




Acoustic guitar breath music.

The soundtrack to your nap.

12/26/2015 - new release!


"The Final Funktier"


Groover is the freakchild creation of many hours of improvised grooving by Evan Strauss & Steve Sirockin.

"The Final Funktier" was recorded in the wake of the YSAM CD*, at 7,200 feet elevation. It features Colorado musicians and singers from outer space. 

*“You Can Get There From Here / You Can Never Go Home” by Yggdrasil In The Skunk-Ape Moment ... ysam.bandcamp.com/album/you-can-get-there-from-here-you-can-never-go-home-double-album

11/22/2015 - new release!


marc cantlin ii
"the writing is on the wall"


A surprise single from our erstwhile co-founder.  Dance-shred psycho spectacular.  Just in time for Thanksgiving!

11/01/2015 - new release!


Evan Strauss & Tyler May
"The Projections Of The Bardo Of Dharmatā"


for bass & banjo.

"Although the projections of the bardo of dharmatā appeared until yesterday, you did not recognize them, so you had to wander here. Now, if you are able to meditate undistractably, rest in the pure, naked mind, luminosity-emptiness, which your guru has shown you, relaxed in a state of non-grasping and non-action. You will obtain liberation and not enter a womb."

5/21/2015 - new release!


Evan Strauss & Tyler May


We have here a freshly minty collection of country-folk-bluegrass-blues in somewhat lowish fidelity, compositions for acoustic guitar & voice (Evan Strauss) supplemented by the genuinely rustic banjo, fiddle & harmonica of Tyler May.  It’s The Hailey Idaho Blues.
It’s a hymn to the sunset, the perfect subliminal closer to the perfect summer day, a meditative soundtrack for just sittin & watchin the trees dance in slomo.
"It sounds like a derailed train with indigestion.” - Albums-On-The-Hill, Boulder CO
Evan Strauss is otherwise known as “The Jimi Hendrix of freebass” (quoth Ian McKagan), genius composer of avant freedoom, & has released several albums of songs, singing, & improvised low-end perversities.
In addition to Evan’s original songs, The Hailey Idaho Blues includes a spellcasting cover of 5-Track’s “Speaking Through You” & a romp through Paul Johnson (The Bond [of Seattle])’s "Bittersong".

4/1/2015 - new release! April Fool!




Being the most recent in a series of collaborations between electric guitarists Marc Cantlin II and 5-Track.  Previous entries in this series include DUST STORMS may exist and GUSTY WINDS may exist.  BAD SPOONS is the least composedest & the mostestest improvisediest of the three.

Like GUSTY WINDS, BAD SPOONS was recorded in Seattle, giving it a moist & liquid vibe in sonctrast to the dry heat of DUST STORMS.  Both WINDS & STORMS were recorded in studios, but BAD SPOONS was recorded in a living room.  Perhaps most importantly, each previous record began with a semi-composed conceptual framework.  This one is wide open.  Make of it what you will.

Besides Marc & 5-Track, BAD SPOONS features Andrew Woods (Neon Brown, WEGO, solo artist) on bass & occasional guitar.

1/13/2015 - new release! Happy 2015!




Suddenly, unexpectedly, the new album from Shropshire, UK's Glowpeople: "Happen".  Another blissful set of stoney, tripped out, semi-composed, jazzydubbypsychedelicamishmash grooves, recorded in their natural habitat, sometimes without the slightest thought to composition aforehand.  Got that?  This is improv you can boogie to.

It's also sublimely spacey, good for inner voyaging, dancing around the house, talking over with friends as you refresh yourselves with beverages, crunchies & herbology, or folding laundry, washing dishes, y'know...  Driving through Los Angeles it works really good, haven't done the Seattle road test yet but, any minute now...

Really, you should just have this music on all the time.  Trust us.

10/31/2014 - new release! Happy Halloween!


"Electrostagmalites & Leafy Transmissions" 


Home recordings that collected like moss over the course of the year they call 2013.  Strange samples, drums from the garage (or none at all), lots of guitar goo, singing & songs.

5/27/2014 - new release!


Golden Medallion


Have some ambient crunch floating golden brown in spatially lolloping rhythm.

3/11/2014 - new releases x 2 !!

This month we have for you two improvisations from Evan Strauss.

The first is a duet with Michael Andrew Hutman Beggs.  (Evan & Michael play together in the trio Yggdrasil IN The Skunk-Ape Moment, for those keeping track on your scorecards at home).

The second is a solo bass excursion that may or may not be a sequel to While My Electric Bass Projectile Vomits:

9/13/2013 - new release!

The Walking Faces


Here's the first proper CD release from THE WALKING FACES. Early steps in a cosmic tribal groove experiment. Songs, and singing. The Walking Faces do a lot of things, and here are some of them.

"Catastrophic Molt" was recorded almost entirely live in the studio. A few overdubs and edits were required to finesse it into shape, but that shape is nonetheless the energetic sound and feel of a live band. All the more impressive when you consider that this band only has two people in it.

5-Track (guitarbass, sing) & Patrick Lenon (drums).

5/14/2013 - new release!

Andrew Woods's's
Unscheduled Return

Andrew Woods is many things.

He is an amazing guitarist, except that most of his stringed instruments are not exactly "guitars" as such.

He leads an indescribable musical ensemble called WEGO (operating at the little-explored boundary between improvised music, audience participation, and well-known radio hits of the last 40 years), plays solo acoustic sets with rattles on his wrists and bells on his toes, made up one half of the amazing jamprog duo Neon Brown (with his brother Adrian on home-made drum kit) and led a twice-monthly night of exploratory groove-based improv at Mr Spot's Chai House for just years and years and years, until the place finally shut down around his ears.

Two years ago he released his first "solo" album (post-Neon Brown, post-Chai House jam nights). It was called 'Neon Grey' and it was played on acoustic guitar with shakers and rattles as described above. Some of the songs were completely improvised, including lyrics. It was a pretty cool album. (Hint: it's around here somewhere.)

'Unscheduled Return' on the other hand represents Andrew's return to electric form. Andrew plays every instrument on several tunes, other pieces include members of WEGO or Neon Brown, still others feature web-based collaborators who live hundreds of miles from Andrew's home in Seattle. The resulting sound-paintings will take you somewhere warm and friendly, with plenty of room. The dining car, perhaps.

4/30/2013 - new release - DUST STORMS may exist

Marc Cantlin II & The Walking Faces
DUST STORMS may exist


The long-awaited, entirely unexpected sequel to "GUSTY WINDS may exist".



"5 and I have been experimenting with controlled sonic chaos for years. Band practice was always interesting, because what we were really practicing was a shamanistic ritual of reading the moment, channeling the energy of the space into sounds that we could make with our instruments.

It is this very ideal that I am continually drawn to. I can’t remove that from my musical ability, as I managed to firmly entrench this ideal into my soul."

read the rest of the essay on the album page or on Marc's blog:

4/1/2013 - new release - A Box Of Skunks

Yggdrasil IN The Skunk-Ape Moment

Being, so far as we know, the complete collected works of Yggdrasil IN The Skunk-Ape Moment from 2008 until 2011. Further works are expected to occur later in 2013.

YGGDRASIL IN THE SKUNK-APE MOMENT can most readily be thought about as a trio of improvising musicians: Evan Strauss (electric bass), Morgan Greenstreet (percussion), Michael Andrew Hutman Beggs (trumpet). Other modes of consideration may yield greater or dissimilar rewards.

2/23/2013 - new release!

Floating Others
Duets #2 - Get To Know Your Neighbors

Here's a set of turbulent freerock from 5-Track (guitars) and Josh Charney (keys). Recorded to gooey 4-track cassette, then painstakingly and somewhat inacurrately transferred to digital approximation, it's as if you walked into the kitchen just as the transparent kettle began to boil. Then you just stood there and watched.

12/21/2012- new release!

Sinistral Minstrel

We might encounter the end of the world today, or we might find ourselves gleefully lost and confused in McKenna's "concrescence of novelty" — but either way (wait for it) Something Remarkable has happened. Have some more wonderful music!

Something Remarkable features the pop-funk song-jams of Seattle's electric guitarist Woody Frank. The rhythm section includes Cosmic Primitive favorites Evan Strauss (bass) and Patrick Lenon (drums). Every song presents a new revelation. Enjoy your selves.

12/12/2012 — new release! 

Magnetic Circus


Improvised electric racket from the improvised electric Northwest. Turn up, percolate, smoke out.

9/18/2012 — new release! 



WARNING: contains psychoactive musical devices.

8/21/2012 — new release!

Morning Glory Revival


The psychedelic northwest rears its lovely head ...


It is well-understood that, with or without an improvisational journey to the edges of space, time and consciousness, a song can be a mind-altering experience. Because ALL MUSIC IS PSYCHEDELIC MUSIC. Tune in, turn on, wiggle-dance.

7/30/2012 — new release!



Ambient trippitude from the UK. Melting wallpaper music. Danceable Dali with a black hole in her 4D pocket. So-cool-it's-hot acidbubble simmerings.

Ever-evolving semi-improvised cosmic compositions from a genuine band with genuine talent and genuine passion and a genuine tap straight to the center of the Beam.

Can you tell we like this one? it's something special ... And, it comes with a bonus track available only to true Cosmic Primitives.

6/28/2012 — new release!

John Norwood


Southern-fried sashimi boogie with an all-star cast of friends and neighbors from the greater Echo Park environs. Songs in and out of various American traditions, from punkabilly bluegrass to Cosmic American and even a sea shanty (cos who doesn't love a sea shanty?)**

Banjo contributions from the mighty balladeer they call Olentangy John. Many guitars and basses from 5-Track. More guitars and basses from Alex Maslansky. Scott Keil on the drums (many of them found in the kitchenwares section of Los Feliz Goodwill). Alex Volz on even more guitars. And that's not all. The inventory rolls on. Check it out. 

**LANDLUBBERS, that's who! (thanks to Woody for the quip...)

6/19/2012 — new release!


If There is Truth in an Object, It Means Nothing to Me,
and Time is a Bleeding Heart, So Lets Drink Until We Die


This is the first of several recordings (well, at least two) that we'll be releasing from CHAISTOCK 2012, an event that took place in Seattle, WA on May 5th of this year to commemorate the final yuppification of a vibrant and creative community hub, Mr Spot's Chai House (R.I.P.)

"If There Is Truth ... " is a composition by Evan Strauss ("The Jimi Hendrix of Free-Bass") for two electric guitars, drums, and electric bass guitar. It is based on ideas drawn from Anthony Braxton and Dylan Carlson. This is the only time the piece has ever been performed. There was no rehearsal, only minimal prior discussion of themes and concepts. The results speak for themselves.

5/13/2012 — video!

5-Track's Epic Striation Band
live at TAIX

here's a couple live takes of 5-Track tying knots in the universe with his Epic Striation band, featuring Patrick Lenon (drums), Alias (bass), and Josh Charney (keys). Josh met the rhythm section about an hour before they threw down this 45-minute breath-based improvisation, a little thing we like to call "TAIX's Breath" Surprised

... and immediately after they did that, they did this:

NB: both the breath-based-improv concept and the song "Out Of The Wind" date back to 1999, an epic house-sit, an epic 4th of July weekend, and a recording session by the band called BRUCE for their elusive full-length debut: "Squid Salad".

4/20/2012 — new release

John Leighton Beezer & The Chocolate Covered Fungus Orkestra
"Grow In Shit Or Go Blind"

An epic collaboration featuring the fungus-lords of Los Angeles psych-prov, as well as seminal grunge-prov pioneer John Leighton Beezer. Recorded during the last half-hour of someone else's recording session.

4/01/2012 — new release

5-Track & Glass Goblins

Someone made this record when we weren't looking ...

2/24/2012 — live improvised rocknroll for your life


Seattle's own JOHN LEIGHTON BEEZER will be playing two shows in Los Angeles this Friday night, February 24th 2012, with his new group THE KLAU. JLB is a veteran of Snoose Junction, El Grande Conquistador, The Thrown-Ups and Stomach Pump (among others) and like the complete live & recorded works of all of those bands, JLB's shows this weekend will consist entirely of improvised rock music.

THE KLAU in this instance will be consisting of John Leighton Beezer (guitar, bass); Scott Keil (drums); Avi Zahner-Isenberg (guitar); 5-Track (bass, guitar). There will be guest singers and guest instrumentalists and you will know who they are at the same time that we do, which is to say, when they appear on the bandstand. (See, even the personnel is improvised! We worked that out in Snoose Junction ... )



1 — Origami Vinyl, 1816 West Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90026. (Echo Park)
7pm, all ages, free show.

2 — Human Resources, 410 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90012. (Chinatown)
opening for Guy Blakesless (Entrance Band) and others.
  9pm, all ages, $8.


If you would like to know more about John Leighton Beezer's life as a grunge pioneer and undersung musictech genius, you can check out this interview

or take a skim through Stephen Tow's The Strangest Tribe ::

or watch the movie called Hype!



2/02/2012 — re-issue :: Snoose Junction "The Last Days Of Ballard Saga Cycle"

Snoose Junction
"The Last Days Of Ballard Saga Cycle"
live on Sonarchy Radio, KEXP, Seattle 


It gives me pleasure and pride to re-introduce to the Cosmic Primitive community ...

Snoose Junction's classic improvised session for Doug Haire's Sonarchy Radio, officially titled (by John Foss) "The Last Days Of Ballard Saga Cycle". Like every Snoose Junction configuration, this is the only time this particular group of people played together on these instruments. Though all of them have played with each other in slightly different configurations, lots of times.

This session features:

John Foss — singing
John Leighton Beezer — electric guitar
5-Track — electric guitar
Evan Strauss — electric bass guitar, kaoss pad
Wes Amundsen — upright bass
Vince Amandes — drums

Try to follow the neo-Wagnerian subplots through man's epic quest for space, and watch for instrumental strains of SuperBarrista near the end of part 2.

01/21/2012 — 1st day of spring in SoCal — archival release 

"Egypt" by El Grande Conquistador


Celebrating the subtle-weather/very-early-spring phenomena, best understood by observant Los Angeles residents, with an archival issue from snowbound Seattle.

(Tongues in cheeks, everyone — ready? go!) El Grande Conquistador features iconoclastic pan-disciplinary visual artist Whiting Tennis and iconoclastic proto-grunge pioneer John Leighton Beezer. The EGYPT single is a little slice of improvised rocknroll heaven, right here on Earth. Think of Neil Young fronting Sonic Youth. Then put the referents out of your mind and listen with an open soul. The camel is talkin. Recorded in 2008, but doubtless as relevant today as it was then. The trees were so generous.

01/02/2012 — new release — HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

presenting for your endtimes enjoyment, the debut release from


... featuring Cantlins Anthony (drums), Chris (bass), Marc 2 (guitar) & Meggan (singing). If you are accustomed to this family's sensibilities, then you already know if you are going to enjoy this music.

If you aren't sure what you're getting into, try the following thought experiment:

• Go over to Goodwill or Out Of The Closet and get yourself a blender.

• Throw in a bunch of Black Sabbath cassettes, John Zorn's morning breath, a snapshot of Frank Zappa testifying against the soccer-moms of Washington DC, ticket stubs from Tool and Mars Volta concerts that your roommate left on the kitchen counter three years ago, Steve Albini, Mastodon, the bloody-minded do-it-my-way cryptophilosophical obstinacy of the Grateful Dead, shrapnel from the Volume Wars, and Joan Jett's left sock (or equivalent source of righteous stank).

• Unplug the blender.

• Go away.


Mostly, Albino Rhino is all about "pummeling" and "heavy" and things like that. Mostly.

There's also a lovely little tune called "Eternal Sunshine" which might be a nice place to start if you're feeling tentative. And then there's "Perfectly Normal Beasts", for those who aren't.

12/22/2011 — new Binary Star split single — HAPPY SOLSTICE!!

"TEXAS TEA" by Andrew Woods & 5-Track

Here's the third installment in our Binary Stars series of split singles ... wherein talented musician-types show their mutual respect by interpreting each other's songs.

In this case, it's the intensely mellifluous Andrew Woods (solo artist, heEnd and neon brown catalyst, leader of the WEGO) and the determinedly atemporal 5-Track (Glass Goblins, Chocolate Covered Fungus, chill songsmith and unleasher of noisome improvisations) paying tribute respectively to "Texas" and "Aphid Tea" ... it's a little thing we like to call TEXAS TEA.

12/12/2011 — new release

"While My Bass Guitar Projectile Vomits" by Evan Strauss

Three themed improvisations for electric bass, amps, effects and tape machine. The third and final entry in our twilight-of-2011 trilogy of improv releases. Answers to questions you never wanted to ask. Music with the power to make it rain in your mind.*

*verified by independent bystander

11/29/2011 — new release

"After The Effect" by Michael Beggs


They say that in the future, everyone will have 15 minutes of solo trumpet improvisations.

Herewith, a collection of solo multitrack improvisations for (mostly) trumpet, a sumptious platter of auditory now-speak from Mr Michael Beggs. Those of you who have been paying especially close attention might recognize Michael from his work with Yggdrasil IN The Skunk Ape Moment(visible here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaCgbtoq8Bw) and on Evan StraussBear Country Concert.

MB: "Multi-tracking, and the concomitant possibilities of harmonic and rhythmic complexity is an exciting and inspiring way to work with the trumpet, as it neutralizes the natural inability of a single trumpet to be an effective chordal or polyphonic instrument." These recordings are not considered as finished works, nor are they demos, but can be usefully thought of as quickly sketched ideas about process & content & relations between those two.

11/21/2011 — new release

"Floating Others (duets)" by 5-Track


FLOATING OTHERS (duets) is the first fruits of an ongoing series of recorded improvisations based on temporal and environmental materials. Some are very short, and one is very long. Many portions are busily angular. Some were harvested from 4-track cassette, others from various lo-fidelity digital assemblages. Generators include Banana, Complaint and Chopping Wood In Cold Weather.

The cast of players on this collection of cosmic goo is equal to the following ::

5-Track ... guitars
Evan Strauss ... bass (Chopping Wood)
Zlicious ... piano (Complaint)
Jennifer Ng ... percussion (Banana, That Thing, Jen's Breath)

... that all should be enough to tell if you'll like this music or not!

8/16/2011 — new release

"Rock N Roll Dream" by Volita Pearl


Volita Pearl, eternally in motion, is the singer and songwriter for New Zealand's The Neo-Kalashnikovs. The Neos mine that thickly-chorded territory between The Wipers, Eugenius, Kurdt & Courtney, and the icing on the radiocative munge is Volita's clear-n-powerful voice soaring like a magic bulldozer, unlikely above the trees, dipping and whirling in more dimensions than we can ordinarily see.

Rock N Roll Dream is a solo EP from Volita, recorded on a shiny new acoustic guitar made of metal (so ... HEAVY) to mungy old reel-to-reel tape in the Cat Valley living room studio on a chilly November afternoon in Echo Park, Los Angeles, Earth (ie the 9th circle of buddhist hell). If there is a line to be drawn between the Delta Blues and the Puget Sound, then Rock N Roll Dream is a big lipstick-red smear along that line.

8/09/2011 — new release

"Shines Like Gold" by Horse Thieves


Shines Like Gold is the new live recording by Horse Thieves. Horse Thieves is a loose and rollicking darkly-country-ish assemblage led by Alex Maslansky. Alex Maslansky also currently plays electric guitar for Amanda Jo Williams and electric bass for Glass Goblins.

Nothing loose about Alex's songs, though. They are built of brick & blood and they are held together by evil spirits and Alex sings them like he'll die if he doesn't ... or maybe like they'll let him die if he does.

Horse Thieves SHINES LIKE GOLD was recorded at (the renowned) McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica. For this recording, the band includes Zander Schloss (bouzouki, 12-string acoustic guitar) and 5-Track (electric slide guitar) as well as Alex Maslansky on acoustic guitar, songs & singing.

6/21/2011 — new releases x 2 !!

"3 Moments Til Dawn" by 5-Track & Marc Cantlin II


"BEAR COUNTRY: The Concert" by Evan Strauss


3 Moments Til Dawn is Marc Cantlin II and 5-Track's first major collaboration since 2005's GUSTY WINDS may exist, and they don't even play together on it.

Instead, they (we) have contributed an entry to our (their) BINARY STARS series, in which our friends (or ourselves) cover each other's songs, for fun and for art's sake and to demonstrate tangibly or at least audibly the love and respect we all feel for each other's muse(s).

For this release, Marc has chosen to re-intepret 5-Track's rocknroll set opener "I Don't Want To Lose This Moment", in the acid-soul vein; in return, 5-Track (& Glass Goblins) has taken Marc's liminal psych-ballad "3 Til Dawn" back to the garage, where it belongs.

(Also, there is a bonus track.)

BEAR COUNTRY: The Concert is a live-to-two-track representation of bassist/composer Evan Strauss' Division 3 performance at Hampshire College. The musicians are diverse and highly skilled and include among their number both Michael Beggs (trumpet) and Morgan Greenstreet (drums) from the improvising trio Yggdrasil IN The Skunk-Ape Moment. (BEAR COUNTRY Track 2, "Selection From A Skunk-Ape Is Born", is in fact a re-interpretation of a YSAM piece).

But more to the point, the compositions: Evan wrote his brains out for this crew and they did him proud. There's so many things to like just inside of any one song on this collection, that the word "kaleidoscopic" comes to mind. Everywhere you look are different shades of color and new geometries. You may just want your 3D glasses for this recording.

BEAR COUNTRY: The Concert contains "non-tango" music.

4/01/2011 – new release :: NEON GREY by Andrew Woods


Each song on NEON GREY was recorded in a different room, for reasons of tone. The instrumentation consists of acoustic guitar, human voice, and ankle-shakers. Andrew's lyrical and musical transmissions are lovely and slightly otherworldly, his musicianship stunning, his improvisations deeply transporting. For a prime example, listen to the tune called "Ocean Waves"

NEON GREY is Andrew's first solo release. In the past he has performed and recorded with the post-prog jam-duo Neon Brown, the mighty HEenD, the Woodlands Acoustic Orchestra, and he ran or co-ran the fabled Neon Brown Presents conceptual improv night at the equally-fabled Mr Spot's Chai House in Ballard, Seattle, Earth, for untold years. Among other things.

You can read a new interview with Andrew here ::

3/03/2011 – circle April 2nd on your calendars if you live in Massachusetts?

Cosmic Primitive Presents:
Letting The Skunk Ape Out Of The Box @ Hampshire College

an evening of chaotic, quixotic, gnarly music
The Prescott Tavern, Hampshire College, 893 West Street, Amherst, MA, Earth, 01002 ...


Musical entertainment will include GLASS GOBLINS (featuring 5-Track & Marc Cantlin 2), AMANDA JO WILLIAMS, and an opening acoustic set from 5-Track/Matthew O'Neill duo. Free admission. Special guests.

2/14/2011 – Happy Valentine's Day from Bruce!

L. A. Record has been kind enough to include BRUCE in their Valentine's Day Mixtape 2011, a track called "Homebody" featuring 5-Track on guitar and singing, Marc Cantlin 2 on bass, and Trevor Best drums. That would be the official first release of new music from Bruce since I-don't-even-want-to-think-about-when. You can listen to it here:


2/2/2011 – 2 new releases!

SNOOSE JUNCTION – The Echo Parks Department



Snoose Junction is an improvised-music collective based primarily in Seattle, WA, USA, Earth. The rules of their performances are: 1) always a different bunch of musicians. 2) no songs. The personnel on this recording (which was made in Echo Park, Los Angeles, at The Duane St Station) consists of Gerry Amandes, "keyboard"; Secret Weapon Woody Frank, guitars; Sir Ian McKagan, guitars; 5-Track, guitars. This recording is 'verbed-out and ambient because the Earth is missing.

Morning Glory Revival features Woody and Ian on guitars (and singing, and songwriting) plus Owen and Zack on drums and bass. Lyrics that scintillate in the particulars, the gentle jousting of twin electric guitars, and grooves to move to. Letters from benevolent friends on the outskirts of time.